CAZ Tiny Home raising funds for Kulshan Community Land Trust

Media Contact: Dan Dunne Managing Member CAZ Energy Services Office: (360) 389-1056 Feb. 21, 2018 A tiny home donated by CAZ Energy Services may make a big difference for clients seeking affordable housing through Kulshan Community Land Trust (KCLT). The $25 tickets for a drawing to win a tiny home  Read more »

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CAZ Reduces Landfill Waste by More Than 50% with Toward Zero Waste Audit

By implementing recommendations and techniques provided by a Sustainable Connections Toward Zero Waste Audit, CAZ Energy Services was able to divert more than 50% of its business waste from the landfill. CAZ Energy underwent a waste audit by trained specialists provided by Sustainable Connections. “It seemed like the right thing  Read more »

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BPI 1100 out for public review

The new Energy Auditor standard from the Building performance institute is out for public review.  This standard, 1100, outlines the general requirements of an energy audits.  For example, 1100 requires a cost benefit analysis and suggests some tools to use, but doesn't specify the steps needed to create one.  The  Read more »

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Why is my floor cold?

There are three main reasons that your floor might be cold. 1. Not enough insulation. 2. Drafts 3. Not enough heat. To solve the problem, you'll need to find out which of the three things is the problem (or maybe it's all three). Start by taking a look under the  Read more »

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Why does the paint on my house blister?

Exterior paint blisters:  what causes it and how to fix it.There are two culprits and two solutions.When paint dries too fast (especially latex paint on a hot sunny wall) it can form a skin over the liquid paint.  As the liquid paint dries, there is nowhere for the evaporating fluids  Read more »

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Get more money from Cascade Natural Gas!

Cascade Natural Gas updated their 2014 rebates, generally raising the rebate amounts.  High efficiency fireplace rebates increased from $70 to $200, whole house radiant heating increased from $800 to $1000, and attic insulation increased from $0.25 per sq ft to $0.30 per sq ft.  To see the full list of  Read more »

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