Cascade Natural Gas Rebates

Cascade Natural Gas Incentive Program

These are the rebates and requirements for Cascade Natural Gas space heating, water heating, insulation, and new homes, from CNG’s website.  These rebates are generally applicable when the home and/or the water is heated by Cascade Natural Gas. Contact Cascade at 1-888-522-1130 or
For rebate information for Puget Sound Energy, please click here.

**Most of the following measures must be performed by a Cascade Natural Gas qualified trade ally in order to be eligible for a rebate through the Conservation Incentive Program

Space Heating (Existing or new Homes)

  • High-Efficiency Natural Gas Furnace 95% + AFUE $250
  • High-Efficiency Natural Gas Hearth (Fireplace)
    • 70% + FE (Fireplace Efficiency): $150
    • 80% + AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency): $250
  • High-Efficiency Combination Domestic Hot Water and Hydronic Space Heating System using pre-approved Tankless Water Heater 90% + AFUE: $825
  • Condensing High-Efficiency Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater 91 + EF : $150
  • Conventional High-Efficiency Natural Gas Water Heater 67 + EF: $45
  • High-Efficiency Exterior Door U ≥ 0.21: $50
  • Existing Homes Incentives

Insulation (Existing homes only)

  • Floor Insulation equal to or greater than R-30 or to fill cavity, prior condition must not exceed R-11: $0.30/sq.ft.
  • Wall Insulation equal to or greater than R-11 or to fill cavity, prior condition must not exceed R-4: $0.35/sq.ft.
  • Ceiling or Attic Insulation Equal to or greater than R-38, prior condition must not exceed R-18: $0.30/sq.ft.
  • Whole House Residential Air Sealing Equal or less than 0.0003 Specific Leakage Area through pre and post blower door testing: $100


New Homes Only

  • ENERGY STAR® Certified Home + U.30 Window Glazing6 92% AFUE furnace + U.30 glazing: $600
  • Upgrade to ENERGY STAR Premium High-Efficiency Natural Gas Furnace 95% + AFUE: $250
  • Built Green Certified Home Requires Built Green Certification: $600



Who Is Eligible to Participate?


  • Washington customer of Cascade Natural Gas on residential rate schedule 503 (see your gas bill).
  • Fuel for the home’s primary heat source must be provided by Cascade Natural Gas for all heating incentives.
  • Water-heating fuel must be provided by Cascade Natural Gas for all water-heating incentives.
  • Customer does not use a heat pump for heating and/or cooling with a natural gas furnace back-up.
  • Energy-saving measures must meet program requirements. Details at
  • All equipment and service measures must be installed by a Washington-licensed contractor.
  • All insulation and air sealing measures must be performed by a CNGC qualified Trade Ally in order to be eligible for a rebate through the Conservation Incentive Program. 1 (866) 626-4479 for a list of qualified Trade Allies in your area or visit
  • Appliances and building materials specified by Washington state code are not eligible for Cascade Natural gas incentives.
  • Incentives may be subject to change.
  • ENERGY STAR homes must be approved by an ENERGY STAR verifier.
  • Built Green Homes must present Built Green Certification.

How to Qualify for Cascade Natural Gas Incentives:

  1. Establish your eligibility. Call 1 (866) 626-4479 or visit for program requirements.
  2. Install energy-efficient home improvements. Contact a participating Trade Ally contractor or Washington licensed contractor to install eligible measures. Please visit for a list of qualified trade allies.  Note: if installing insulation or air sealing you must use a CNGC qualified Trade Ally.
  3. Acquire the appropriate incentive form online at or call 1 (866) 626-4479.
  4. Complete, sign and submit form along with a copy of your contractor’s invoice marked “Paid in Full” to:

Cascade Natural Gas

Conservation Incentive Program

Rebate Processing Center

3800 Watt Ave., Suite 105

Sacramento, CA 95821

Fax: 1 (800) 506-9073


Upon receipt of completed application please allow six to eight weeks for processing and payment of incentives.

For questions or more information, please visit us online at or call 1 (866) 626-4479.


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  1. Dave Sawicki December 1, 2017 at 11:59 am - Reply

    If I am changing from electric to natural gas in my existing home, how long does it take to install the gas line from the adjacent street that I live on to the home?
    The approximate distance is about 100 feet

    • Dan Dunne December 4, 2017 at 11:04 am - Reply

      Hi Dave,
      Installing a gas line from the road to the house usually takes about a day. Your utility company will be your best source of information on how to do that – what permits you need, who is allowed to do the work, and what inspections need to be done. The larger amount of time can be installing gas lines in your home, and installing gas appliances. The appliances can be done piecemeal, but the piping is generally most cost effective if it is planned out in advance, and done all at once.

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