CAZ Reduces Landfill Waste by More Than 50% with Toward Zero Waste Audit

By implementing recommendations and techniques provided by a Sustainable Connections Toward Zero Waste Audit, CAZ Energy Services was able to divert more than 50% of its business waste from the landfill.

CAZ Energy underwent a waste audit by trained specialists provided by Sustainable Connections. “It seemed like the right thing to do for business and for the community,” explains Dan Dunne, CAZ Energy Services Manager of why they participated in the program. “There was a real chance of reducing the cost of disposing of our waste with fewer trips to the dump and fewer solid waste pick-ups, while contributing in a positive way.”


Recommendations were implemented with technical assistance from Sustainable Connections resulting in a diversion by more than 50% of CAZ Energy waste from the landfill.


As a result of the audit, CAZ Energy is now able to accomplish these diversions:

  • Separation and recycling of scrap metal from wiring, flashing, and ducts,
  • Cleaning and recycling of plastic sheeting from crawl space vapor barriers,
  • Recycling more than four cubic yards of film plastic each month,
  • Recycling and reuse of wood pallets, and
  • Recycling of cardboard at a rate of about 50 pounds per week.


Sustainable Connections Sustainable Business Manager Mark Peterson

Sustainable Connections is a Whatcom-County based non-profit organization made up of local, independently-owned member businesses. Since 2002, they have provided a forum to help members become more sustainable while contributing to a vibrant local economy. The Toward Zero Waste Campaign is a partnership between local governments and more than 400 local businesses. Their goals include reducing volume and weight of waste headed to landfill, increasing reuse and recycling, and increasing purchase of recycled and environmentally-preferable products. Businesses interested in their own waste audit should visit

“While a lot of construction and demolition debris recycling has focused on builders and contractors, construction subcontractors like CAZ Energy hold a lot of opportunity to reduce waste sent to landfill,” explains Sustainable Connections Sustainable Business Manager Mark Peterson.

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