The 2011 Community Trade, and Economic Development Specifications and Standards for Managing the Low Income Weatherization Program are out!

Mostly, there is a new diagnostic form and some changes to the specs. There are other changes in there that I am notincluding here for brevity.

(If you are still reading at this point, your are either A. a fellow WX geek or B. really, really bored at work).

6.12.2 and .3 changes how to install low vent baffling and the vent
screening size
7.2 changes some requirements of dense packing walls
10.3.2 changes the standard N to 20, or to Krigger’s recommendation
10.7.1 clarifies dryer duct extensions
10.8 and other places change air inlet/outlet to 5 feet from operable windows/doors
13.6 adds butyl tape to duct sealing options
15.2 removes the requirement of tape along the slit of pipewrap
19.1 changes CO detector detection to a low of 15ppm and a lithium battery

21.2 changes lead safe worker requirements

The combustion support document adds a clearer description of testing a
kitchen range.