Extreme blower door testing!

What makes it extreme? Today I traveled across the border with our fair international neighbor to the north 4 times to run one of these for 15 minutes.  Why?  Because the Washington State Energy Code requires blower door testing of all new residences, and any addition over 750 sq ft, which we provide for the very reasonable cost of $149 plus travel if outside of Whatcom County.  Oh, you mean why the border crossing? Because I had a client who is finishing a stunningly beautiful house in Pt Roberts, and SOMEBODY has to do the test, so why not me.  To get to Pt Roberts from Bellingham, for those who don’t know, you cross into Canada at the Peace Arch, drive for a half hour, then cross back into the US at the Pt Roberts crossing.  And, as I learned the hard way, today is a holiday of some sort (or maybe it’s just near a holiday?) for Canadians, who are lovely people, but who seem to enjoy traveling en masse to the US for their holiday needs.  It’s ok, I did some emails while I waited…Oh, that was the international roaming rate for data?….dang…

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