Bath, kitchen, and whole house ventilation fans have become standard in homes and they serve vital roles.  They remove poor quality air from homes, cause fresh air to enter the home, reduce humidity, and improve the durability of the home.  However, due to poor installation, they are often doing more harm than good.  All too often, we see fans that are vented incorrectly or not at all.  At the best, poorly installed fans have poor flow and drip water.  At the worst, they cause mold to grow and/or destroy a roof.
One of the most important locations for a fan is your kitchen, especially if you have a natural gas or propane oven/range.  These units produce high amounts of carbon monoxide, humidity, and other byproducts of combustion.  A kitchen fan is vital to maintaining healthy indoor air.
Ventilation Services:
–          Installation and replacement of bath fans
–          Installation and replacement of kitchen fans
–          Re-venting of fans to the exterior
–          Addressing water drips from existing fans
–          Installing ERV and HRV whole house ventilation.  Ventilate your home correctly without wasting heat.
–          Installing dampers to eliminate heat loss.
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